Radio Reading

As a trial addition to our Radio Reading, Trax FM are publishing our latest reading of the newspaper on the Radio Reading page of this website. Just click on the audio player to start hearing the current reading of the paper. You can move forward and backward through the reading by dragging the progress bar with the mouse. Try it and see if it is useful.

Thank You

Last night we had another fundraiser for Trax FM in conjunction with the Pirie Community and Sporting Club. A big thank you to the Club and the Billy Goat Hill Band for providing the facilities and the music on the night. We had a wonderful time and caught up with many family and friends during the evening. The dance floor was busy all night and the friday night meals provided by Trevor were great. Thank you to Judy for all your work putting it together. Rhonda and Rose from Trax FM organised the raffles and Vicki answered all the questions that people may have had. Thank you also to the Savoy Soccer Club who donated prizes for our door raffle when they heard we were having a fundraiser.