Friday on Trax FM

  • 4:30am Good Morning Country
  • 8:00am Blast from the Past – flashback Friday with John
  • 9:00am AM on FM with Tony
  • 12noon German Music with Rose
  • 2:00pm Jazz
  • 2:30pm Aussie Music is Bloody Great
  • 3:00pm Jazz
  • 4:00pm 45 rpm Side A
  • 5:00pm 45 rpm Side B
  • 6:00pm Music
  • 7:00pm Music
  • 9:00pm Music Overnight


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Radio Filipino Returns

Radio Filipino returns to Trax FM on Sunday 7th June at 2pm. As the restrictions ease in the COVID-19 crisis, Radio Filipino returns to the airwaves in their bi-weekly broadcasts on Thursdays (1pm to 3pm) and Sundays (2pm to 4pm).

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New Programmes

During the current period of restrictions we have introduced some changes to our programming on Trax FM. Evening timeslots on Mondays and Fridays have music programming without presenters and this is likely to continue for quite some time. With winter approaching we will concentrate on having presenters on air during daylight hours. The exceptions are…

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