Ellen street, Port Pirie

Tuesday on Trax FM

  • Midnight   45rpm Side A (1hr)
  • 4.30am       Good Morning Country
  • 8am            Blast from the Past Brekkie with John
  • 9am            AM on FM with Denise
  • 12noon      It’s Time
  • 1pm            One O’Clock Rock with Maggie & Brenda
  • 4pm            Music
  • 5pm            Top of the Pops
  • 6pm            Music
  • 7pm            AMRAP Radio Programme (1hr)
  • 8pm            New Millenium
  • 9pm            2 Hours to Midnight plus One (3hrs)

  • Merv Davies

    Merv one of our long time members passed away on the afternoon of the 16th June 2022. Merv will be remembered for many roles at Trax FM starting out as a Sales person before moving on to producing many music programmes. His last being One O’clock Rock on Tuesdays with Maggie and Yee Haa It’s Country with Jimmy on Thursdays. RIP Merv.

  • Card Facilities

    Trax FM can now accept payments with credit and debit cards, either direct with a card or over the phone. This will be useful when renewing membership or making donations. The Treasurer or Secretary will be able to assist you with this.

  • Soccer

    A list of all matches to be broadcast this year are on our Programme Guide page below the actual guide. As usual this schedule is subject to change during the season.

  • Scoring Up

    Scoring Up (the harness racing show) is now available for playing on our website from Thursday 6pm onwards until replaced by the next edition the following week. That’s right you can now listen to the show anytime after broadcast for a whole week. So there is no excuse for missing out on Trax FM. Just go to the home page (where you see this post) and look over to the left side of the page where you will see a list of pages on the website. Click on “Scoring Up” and that will take you to the page where you can play the programme. On mobiles look for the three bars up the top right and click on them to display the menu of pages. Select Scoring Up and away you go. When the page opens on a mobile you will see under the title “1 Scoring Up”. Click on this and you can start / stop and replay the programme. Have fun and enjoy (from your crew at Trax FM)


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