Changes to Programmes

There will be some changes to the programming on Trax FM due to the current situation with the virus. Jan , Jimmy and Radio Filipino are taking a break from radio until the committee deems the situation has improved enough. In some cases there will be resheduling of other programmes into the gaps created by these absences. More to follow

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2 thoughts on “Changes to Programmes”

  1. Whats going on with your voice things between songs?
    The new ones sound commercial like magicfm, bring back the old ones trax!
    If i want to listen to commercial crap i’ll switch to magic, lift ya game!

  2. Hi Paul, thank you for your feedback. Running a radio station involves many functions coming together every day successfully to culminate in what you hear on air. The decision to produce the current on air identification spots and sponsorship spots was made back in November last year and became more important for us due to the Covid19 crisis. Rest assured we had very good reasons for this. We are looking at having another “open day” at the station when the situation improves and we invite you to come and have a talk on that occasion.

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