Web Site

We have been working through some problems with our website. As we correct these issues the website should perform faster and the initial loading should also be quicker. Please be patient while we do this, the rewards will come soon.

Rob Lawrie

After 15 or more years, our Rob Lawrie programme has come to an end.

Rob passed away recently, and with his family’s blessing we continued broadcasting the last programmes that Rob had scheduled until they finished last Sunday. Rob’s programme started in our area and spread to stations all over Australia. We will miss Rob’s voice on Sundays and his style of programming which he developed over time from his original multi file format to the current single polished format file. Rob thank you for your dedication to broadcasting.

Home page

changes have been made to our Home page to show our programme guide as a series of drop downs. This enables you to select a day without having to scroll down large lists.

Merv Davies

Merv one of our long time members passed away on the afternoon of the 16th June 2022. Merv will be remembered for many roles at Trax FM starting out as a Sales person before moving on to producing many music programmes. His last being One O’clock Rock on Tuesdays with Maggie and Yee Haa It’s Country with Jimmy on Thursdays. RIP Merv.

Card Facilities

Trax FM can now accept payments with credit and debit cards, either direct with a card or over the phone. This will be useful when renewing membership or making donations. The Treasurer or Secretary will be able to assist you with this.

Scoring Up

Scoring Up (the harness racing show) is now available for playing on our website from Thursday 6pm onwards until replaced by the next edition the following week. That’s right you can now listen to the show anytime after broadcast for a whole week. So there is no excuse for missing out on Trax FM. Just go to the home page (where you see this post) and look over to the left side of the page where you will see a list of pages on the website. Click on “Scoring Up” and that will take you to the page where you can play the programme. On mobiles look for the three bars up the top right and click on them to display the menu of pages. Select Scoring Up and away you go. When the page opens on a mobile you will see under the title “1 Scoring Up”. Click on this and you can start / stop and replay the programme. Have fun and enjoy (from your crew at Trax FM)

Fat Trax

A new programme on Friday evenings commences on 17th December. Tune in as Daniel and Amy bring you a rousing end to the week between 7pm and 10pm each Friday night. Why not give them a call and make them feel welcome. 8630 0719

Jan Stockdale

The Board and members of Pirie Community Radio Broadcasters Inc are sad to announce the passing of our long time member Jan Stockdale last Saturday. Jan was a member for just short of 22 years, contributing to many programmes by herself and as a co-presenter. Her favourite and last programme was Golden Oldies which she took on when a previous presenter left, molding it in her own style. She was a friend to many listeners, bringing them joy on a Sunday morning. Thank you for the music Jan.

Graham Johnston – Secretary