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Radio Reading

Radio Reading comes to Trax FM from 7pm tonight and continues every Sunday night at 7pm with readings from our local Recorder newspaper. Paper Talk Port Pirie, the Royal Society for the Blind, and Trax FM combine to bring this weekly broadcast for people who cannot read the Recorder. Hear your local news from your…

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SGL Football

Trax FM will be resuming SGL football broadcasts in time for the finals this year. We have made temporary arrangements for this year only, in order to cover the four matches in the finals series. As we get closer, more information will be available, but in the meantime we can plan for these matches with…

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Community Diary

Trax FM has a community diary which is broadcast three times a day. This diary is open to all organisations that are non-profit to help them publicise their event. To make sure we get the information on your event correct we just ask that you email us the information that you require broadcast including the…

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