We have posted our bank account details on our website under the title “Donations”

You cannot make payments on our website but using these details you can do bank transfers to our bank account. Please put something in there to identify yourself such as your name. You could renew your membership the same way but in this case you would definitely need to put your name in there as our Treasurer would not know who to book it to. A follow up email to

informing Christine about the transfer would also help as well but not necessary if we can identify who the person is who did the bank transfer.

Thank You

The Trax FM team


The new committee for 2020/21 is as follows:

Ray Walters Chairman, Graham Johnston Secretary, Christine Kent Treasurer, Rose Marschall, Tony Adriaanse and John Rohde. We thank our past committee members for their involvement over the years. This year has had its challenges but we look forward to brighter times at Trax FM