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We currently have three active email addresses through which you can contact the station:

Secretary at traxfm.org.au

Will reach the station secretary and is checked almost every day. The current secretary is also the station technician.

Accounts at traxfm.org

Will reach the station treasurer on almost any day and can be used to send to the station invoices for payment. This email is also used to send out invoices to other parties.

Diary at traxfm.org.au

Is used to receive community diary notices from non profit organisations for broadcast daily on Trax FM. Please allow 2 to 3 days for broadcast. Diary items are prerecorded when possible or if urgent are read out by presenters as “live reads”. We also receive lost animal notices via the telephone for immediate broadcast.

Please replace the “at” with @ From all email addresses before sending

Contact Us

(08) 8633 2111    Office and Studio

Pirie Community Radio Broadcasters Inc

Trax FM 105.1

PO Box 887

Port Pirie

South Australia 5540

secretary at traxfm.org.au


Studio Location

251 The Terrace

Port Pirie

South Australia 5540

(Inside the Phoenix Park Trotting Complex)

Programmes On Trax FM

If you have an idea for a programme on Trax FM, would like to produce a programme, or would just like to suggest a change of format or broadcast time for a programme  that is already on air, we would like to hear from you.

We already broadcast programmes that are produced outside of our studios. Trax FM is a community station, owned by the community and operated by a dedicated group of local volunteers. You do not have to produce the programme yourself as sometimes we can find a person to do that on your behalf, or to build on your ideas. You would be surprised how some of our programmes have made it to air on our station.